Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our SHINE values apply to our youngest pupils.

Our EYFS curriculum is designed to recognise children’s prior learning, both from previous settings and their experiences at home. We work in partnership with parents, carers and other settings to provide the best possible start at Springfield Academy, ensuring each individual reaches their full potential from their various and unique starting points.

When children start nursery, there is a strong emphasis on the prime areas of learning, which include:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Communication and language, including early language development

We recognise that the development of early language improves academic outcomes and is a skill to ensure success beyond school. Early language development develops children’s critical thinking skills and understanding, which promotes self-confidence, resilience and empathy.

Our learning environment and skilled teaching staff, support the children as they begin to connect learning to their play and investigations. Engagement ensures high level attainment and we provide an engaging curriculum that maximises opportunities for meaningful cross curricular links and learning experiences, as well as promoting the unique child by offering extended periods of play and sustained thinking.

We follow children’s interests to foster a lifelong love of learning both in and outside of school. By the end of reception, our intent is to ensure that all children make at least good progress from their starting points and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to have a smooth transition into Year 1.

Every half term, we introduce new themes to provide inspiration for learning, whilst providing the flexibility for children to follow their own interests and ideas. Children learn through a balance of child initiated and adult directed activities. The timetable is carefully structured so that children have directed teaching during the day.

The timetable changes throughout the year to take into consideration the changing needs of the children. These sessions are followed by small focused group work. This means the teacher can systematically check for understanding, identify and respond to misconceptions quickly and provide instant feedback, which results in a strong impact on the acquisition of new learning. Children are provided with extended periods of time to engage in investigations and challenges throughout the unit. Investigations and challenges are carefully planned to engage and challenge children throughout the provision. The curriculum is planned for both the indoor and outdoor environments, providing opportunities to explore, build, investigate and create in different ways and on different scales.

Since September 2021, we have followed the Sounds-Write phonic programme. Every child in reception has access to a daily phonic session, with intervention opportunities, including post teaching following the session, for those children who require a little more support to achieve. Handwriting is taught outside of the phonics lessons.

We provide effective and focused interventions for those children who are finding learning challenging and are not on track to meet expectations at the end of the year. This is provided in an inclusive way and support from parents is also enlisted at an early stage to ensure that the children have every change to achieve their early learning goals.

The EYFS team document children’s learning as well as some new achievements with observations, photos and videos which are shared with parents using the Tapestry online system. This means that parents can engage with children regularly about their learning and can contribute to the knowledge we have of the child in school.

We strive to provide children with opportunities they may not have experienced before or that enhance their learning in school. We may go on visits to support this, for example a trip to the theatre or visitors in school that some of the children would otherwise not encounter.

Our team work hard to ensure that children are surrounded by a kind, caring, happy environment which helps them to develop the same skills in their journey throughout school. Springfield Academy is a positive place to be, where resilience, perseverance and success are celebrated and every child feels valued and respected.

We measure progress and children’s learning across the year through formative and summative assessment, which are based on the teacher’s knowledge of the child, their learning journeys, photographs and videos recorded on Tapestry. Almost all of our children make more than the expected progress against their starting points.

Our school judgements are moderated with other schools and the EYFS lead attends monthly moderating events in other schools. This means our judgements are secure and consistent with government guidelines.


We offer nursery aged children fifteen hours per week in our bright, modern and spacious nursery facility. Children can attend either a morning or afternoon session.

You can find out more about our nursery curriculum here.


You can find out more about our reception curriculum here.

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